Welcome to our great community. We would like to share some wonderful news with you. We made a major update to our game. Thanks to the improvements we have introduced, we can release new content, including Tier 11 even up to Tier 25! In addition, we will soon release new mounts, transmogrification sets, unique wings never seen in other games. Our update includes a lot of content from expansions such as Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Battle for Azeroth and even Shadowlands. For this, we kindly ask you to update the game. For new players, we have prepared the full game for download. People who already own our game are asked to update the Patch, which can be downloaded from HERE We also ask our old players to remove unnecessary Patches from the Data folder (Patch-C.mpq, Patch-E.mpq , Patch-I.mpq, Patch-L.mpq, Patch-O.mpq, Patch-S.mpq, Patch-T.mpq and Patch-W.mpq), our newest Patch is called Patch-A.mpq, please put it in the Data folder and remove previously mentioned patchs, we also recommend that you replace the EoG.exe file with a newer version or you can download our full client with everything ready.

Best Regards,
Eye of Gods Team