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Welcome to world leading game Eye of Gods. Thank you for your trust and for downloading our game. As you probably well know, our game is regularly updated and improved to ensure you have the greatest fun of the game. Download our game now and join the wonderful community of Eye of Gods.

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Server Information

Nathria Realm - Instant 80 server

  • Solo Content
  • Tier 1 to Tier 18
  • High rate server
  • 1vs1 Arena
  • Cross faction Battleground
  • Auction House bot
  • Instance and Dungeon Auto Balance to number of players in group(solo content)
  • Shadowland, BFA, Legion, WoD, MoP and Cata content
  • Antifarming
  • Duel Reset
  • Phased Duels
  • Emblems Transfer (frost, triump, conquest)
  • Guild Zone
  • Instance Reset option
  • Mall Teleport
  • Buffer NPC
  • Enchanter NPC
  • Gambler NPC
  • PvP Titles
  • Starter Guild
  • Transmog NPC
  • Weapon Visual NPC