Changes made on 2021/04/09
Nathria Realm
 Spawned Wing Display npc in mall you can talk to to display the wings recently added in the store.
 Added Wings to in game Store. You can check the look of the wings on our discord
 Fixed Battlegrounds crashes.
Changes made on 2021/04/08
Nathria Realm
 Added a couple more daily quests for a few level 80 dungeons to Ghastly Rey npc.
Changes made on 2021/04/02
Nathria Realm
 Released Arena Season 10 Main Parts
 Released new Enchant Patch 1.0. Please check "Download" on our website.
Changes made on 2021/04/01
Nathria Realm
 Fixed an issue with Parangon system where you could have more points than your Parangon level. (If you see the msg "attempt to concatenate local 'r' a nill value) Relog and everything is fine again
 Released Arena Season 9 Gear
 Honor can only be earned on Battlegrounds now
 Disabled EoF rewards for win and lose at the Battlegrounds
Changes made on 2021/03/27
Nathria Realm
 We have released new version of our Patch and Full Game. Please update your Patch.
Changes made on 2021/03/23
Nathria Realm
 Today we started work on two new classes. Demon Hunter and Monk.
Changes made on 2021/03/22
Nathria Realm
 Updated buff command and NPC buffer to match the same buffs
 Fixed Password Recovery
 Arena Season 8 vendors have been added to mall
 Battlegrounds and Cross Faction Battlegrounds have been fixed.
Changes made on 2021/03/20
Nathria Realm
  Improved Utgarde Keep Min, Max & Modifier Damage for whole Dungeon. Added flags for each boss, so they will appear with skull instead regular level elite.
 Improved Ulduar Min, Max & Modifier Damage for whole Raid.
 Fixed Ulduar 25 Antechamber trash
 Fixed Multivendor
Changes made on 2021/03/19
Nathria Realm
 Spells at class trainers are now for free.
 Emblem of Frost Tokens are now in personal loot. Thank you @Dorin for your suggestion.
Changes made on 2021/03/18
Nathria Realm
 Added Item Level Requirement to Tier 11 vendor
 Added .i u all command to reset instances. Thank you @Bobandy for your suggestion.
 The .buff command has been added. This change requires a server restart. Thank you @Dorin for your suggestion.
 Greater Blessing of Might has been added to Buff Master. This change requires a server restart. Thank you @Dorin for your suggestion.
 Vendor is selling now 200 Iceblade Arrow. Thank you @xziogas1970 for your suggestion.
Changes made on 2021/03/17
Nathria Realm
  Added missing Weapon Tokens to Tier 20 Weapon Vendor and Tier 25 Weapon Vendor. So you don't need to search Weapon Token in Raid Tier 20 and Raid Tier 25 vendors.
 Fixed .mall command
Changes made on 2021/03/16
Nathria Realm
 Released new Mall
 Fixed DK Hearthstone
 Tier 20 and Tier 25 Weapons have been released.
 Battlegrounds rewards and require players per team have been updated. Please check server news for more information.
Changes made on 2021/03/12
Nathria Realm
 Tier 15 Weapons has been released.
Changes made on 2021/03/11
Nathria Realm
 Wintergrasp does not interfere with VoA anymore (no Stoned bosses or weird teleport crashes).
 Fixed the (spell) scaling for BGs, Arena and Duels.
Changes made on 2021/03/09
Nathria Realm
 Increased the reward from: Daily: The Ruby Sanctum due to its difficulty and time length
Changes made on 2021/03/06
Nathria Realm
 Updated Connection Guide.
 Added Guide channel to Discord and Starting Guide link to the website. Big thanks to Zod for guide
 Added new channel to discord "Strategies and Tactics". You can now share your experience with others
Changes made on 2021/03/04
Nathria Realm
 Added a new system that gives more Emblem of Frost rewards when you're grouping up in a group/raid
Changes made on 2021/03/03
Nathria Realm
 Now you can add your character to Character Market for free
 Added Tier 25 Sets (Main Parts + Off Parts) to the website store
Changes made on 2021/03/01
Nathria Realm
 Released T11 Weapons
 Released T11 - T25 Necks
 Changed Guild petition signs to 1.
Changes made on 2021/02/28
Nathria Realm
 Released T11 - T25 Rings
 Released a daily quest for Ulduar.
Changes made on 2021/02/27
Nathria Realm
 Changed look of T25 Plate and Leather
 Released T25 Off Parts
 Released T24 Off Parts
 Released T23 Off Parts
 Released T22 Off Parts
Changes made on 2021/02/26
Nathria Realm
 Released T21 Off Parts
 Released T20 Off Parts
 Released T19 Off Parts
 Released T18 Off Parts
 Released T17 Off Parts
 Released T16 Off Parts
 Changed auto balance level scaling for Vanilla and TBC dungeons and raids.
Changes made on 2021/02/23
Nathria Realm
 Fixed Druid melee off parts socket bonus for Tier 11- Tier 15
 Released T15 Off Parts
 Released T14 Off Parts
Changes made on 2021/02/22
Nathria Realm
 Released T13 Off Parts
 Buffmaster Hasselhoof will give you full HP and Mana. (only in mall at the moment, require a server restart for all other locations)
 Added missing alliance rings (Normal and HC version) to the trinket vendor.
 Added missing alliance trinkets (Normal and HC version) to the trinket vendor.
 Fixed daily PvE quests to work while in a raid group
Changes made on 2021/02/21
Nathria Realm
 Spawned 1v1 arena NPC in mall and regular arena NPC's
 Fixed the wrong amount of Val'kyrs summoned by the LK
 Fixed an issue with some seals not giving you mana back
 Seal of Command damage nerfed by 70%
Changes made on 2021/02/19
Nathria Realm
 Disabled phased duels (players suggestion).
Changes made on 2021/02/18
Nathria Realm
 Re-enabled paladin seals (requires server restart) and we keep monitoring the damage of some seals due to exploits
 Added the Buffmaster npc to all raid and dungeon locations
 Fixed description of the following items: Shirt of Uber, Shirt of Titanic Scaling, Shirt of the Yogg-Slayer, Shirt of the Future Champion
 Deep Freeze direct damage nerfed by 80%
Changes made on 2021/02/17
Nathria Realm
 Added missing T11 Warlock off parts
 Fixed T11 and T12 Druid (Melee) off parts
 Fixed T11 and T12 Hunter off parts
Changes made on 2021/02/16
Nathria Realm
 Shirt of the Future Champion, Shirt of the Yogg-Slayer, Shirt of Titanic Scaling, Shirt of Uber have been changed to exclusive transmog items
 Shirt of Uber Aura spell has been disabled
Changes made on 2021/02/15
Nathria Realm
 Temporary disabled the knock back of spell: Summon Shadow Trap (Lich King 25man Heroic)
 Fixed weapon abilities upon creating a new character
 Fixed the damage done at the start of Sindragosa
Changes made on 2021/02/14
Nathria Realm
 Fixed spell shadow bolt missing at some races
 Fixed spell lightning bolt missing at some races
 Fixed spell wrath missing at some races
 Fixed the issue with spell Strength of Wrynn (ICC buff) for custom alliance races.
 Fixed the issue with spell Hellscream's Warsong (ICC buff) for custom horde races.
 Added proper class trainers in mall
Changes made on 2021/02/12
Nathria Realm
 Updated donation panel
 Released T12 Off Parts
Changes made on 2021/02/11
Nathria Realm
 Updated item level in Tier gear.
 Fixed Item Level Requirement in T12-T25 vendors
 Released T11 Shaman (Heal) off parts
 Released T11 Shaman (Caster) off parts
  Released T11 Shaman (Melee) off parts
  Released T11 Hunter off parts
 Added Character Restore option to the website