Welcome to Eye of Gods

Welcome to world leading game Eye of Gods. Thank you for your trust and for downloading our game. As you probably well know, our game is regularly updated and improved to ensure you have the greatest fun of the game. Download our game now and join the wonderful community of Eye of Gods.

News & Announcements
Battlegrounds update

Hello everybody. We have great news for you! After consulting with the players, we decided to add Emblem of Frost as reward for playing Battlegrounds. After the game is over the Winner Team will receive 5 Emblem of Frost, but don't worry we also prepared a reward for the losing team, Loser Team will receive 2 Emblem of Frost. It's not everything! We have reduced the number of players required to play Battlegrounds. Now you need just 3 people per team to start Battleground. We thank you for your suggestions and wish you many battles won!


Double drop chance for Emblem of Frost Tokens. Event time 06.03.2021-07.03.2021.

Event - Emblem of Frost Tokens

Event - Double drop chance for Emblem of Frost Tokens. Event time 26.02.2021-28.02.2021.

Video Contest

Hello players it is the time for a video event!

Now before we get started, there are a couple of rules that you need to know before entering. Remember: server rules still apply, violate any of the server rules and your video will be deleted without a warning!
Rule 1. The video must be a min of 5 minutes. It must not be over 10 minutes
Rule 2. Must be uploaded to Youtube. May provide backup video links in case the video is allowed to be viewed by people in other countries.
Rule 3. The video must show in-game footage. The theme of the video is totally left up to you to decide. You could include PvE content, PvP content, tell a story or even make a comedy. Longs you have at least 3 minutes of in-game footage, you could create whatever your brain can think of!

Rule 4. Must contain a link to the website in the description.
Rule 5. Your name must be in the video at some point or another.
Rule 6. Eye of Gods must be placed in the video.
Rule 7. All footage cannot impinge on copyright material.

Now this will be what we will be looking for in videos!
Good concept. Creativity. Originality.

We will judge the top videos by these standards. The more unique, creative, and originality your video could increase your rewards won depending on the quality of it! You will have a chance to win the following rewards.

Event Prizes:
1st. 60 Donation Points
2nd. 40 Donation Points
3rd. 20 Donation Points

Extra info:
Deadline for uploading your videos is 1st March. The winners will be decided by the staff only.
Remember, ONE well-done video is better than a lot of badly made ones! It is about the quality of the video, not the number of videos.

Use our Discord channel #video-contest for submitting your videos only. All other comments will be deleted.




Event - Double drop chance for Emblem of Frost Tokens. Event time 12.02.2021-14.02.2021.Event

Great news and new update

Welcome to our great community. We would like to share some wonderful news with you. We made a major update to our game. Thanks to the improvements we have introduced, we can release new content, including Tier 11 even up to Tier 25! In addition, we will soon release new mounts, transmogrification sets, unique wings never seen in other games. Our update includes a lot of content from expansions such as Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Battle for Azeroth and even Shadowlands. For this, we kindly ask you to update the game. For new players, we have prepared the full game for download. People who already own our game are asked to update the Patch, which can be downloaded from HERE We also ask our old players to remove unnecessary Patches from the Data folder (Patch-C.mpq, Patch-E.mpq , Patch-I.mpq, Patch-L.mpq, Patch-O.mpq, Patch-S.mpq, Patch-T.mpq and Patch-W.mpq), our newest Patch is called Patch-A.mpq, please put it in the Data folder and remove previously mentioned patchs, we also recommend that you replace the EoG.exe file with a newer version or you can download our full client with everything ready.

Best Regards,
Eye of Gods Team

Server Information

Nathria Realm - Instant 80 server

  • Solo Content
  • Tier 1 to Tier 25
  • High rate server
  • 1vs1 Arena
  • Cross faction Battleground
  • Auction House bot
  • Instance and Dungeon Auto Balance to number of players in group(solo content)
  • Shadowland, BFA, Legion, WoD, MoP and Cata content
  • Antifarming
  • Duel Reset
  • Phased Duels
  • Emblems Transfer (frost, triump, conquest)
  • Guild Zone
  • Instance Reset option
  • Mall Teleport
  • Buffer NPC
  • Enchanter NPC
  • Gambler NPC
  • PvP Titles
  • Starter Guild
  • Transmog NPC
  • Weapon Visual NPC